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Kate Orara for RSPA Board
Winning Icon Winner Award
  • Enhance Channel Partnerships: Kate will work to deepen the industry's collaborative ecosystem by promoting stronger partnerships, as she believes they are the future of the POS channel.

  • Foster the Right Connections: As a natural connector and networker, Kate wants to ensure that the RSPA plays an active role in bringing together the right people for meaningful conversations and alliances.

  • Elevate the Mentorship Program: It's one of Kate's passions to amplify the impact of the RSPA's mentorship program and help shape future industry leaders.

  • Position RSPA as a Go-To Resource: As a board member, Kate will work toward making the RSPA a central hub for all things POS, cultivating a community that encourages innovation, collaboration, and growth.

"To stay relevant in the constantly evolving market, we must be as adaptable as the industry we serve."

Kate Orara

Build Tomorrow's RSPA

With nearly 18 years of dedicated experience in the POS landscape, Kate deeply understands the power of channel partnerships in ensuring end-user satisfaction.

Having worked on the manufacturing side of the industry, as well as in distribution and sales, Kate has seen firsthand what it takes to keep the industry alive. Her adaptive approach to the ever-evolving channel dynamics makes her a standout candidate.

She envisions the RSPA as a central networking hub, actively connecting people in the industry. Kate also plans to invigorate the RSPA mentorship program, fostering learning opportunities for rising stars in the POS industry.

Let's ensure the RSPA stays relevant and continues to lead in a future shaped by technological advancements. Back Kate's vision for a modern, inclusive, and progressive RSPA because the future is in partnerships!

Kate Orara 2

"Finding the right partners, understanding the changing market, and meeting new challenges are all part of this journey. And the RSPA plays a crucial role in this process by fostering connections and offering a fantastic platform for networking."

Kate Orara is running for the RSPA Board

"Another area where the RSPA can make a significant impact is through its mentorship program. Staying relevant in the future isn't just about embracing technology; it's about embracing the people who will carry our industry forward.

Our young professionals are the future, and we need to bring them into the fold, nurture their talents, and give them the tools they need to succeed."

Kate Orara for RSPA Board

"Running for the RSPA Board is an opportunity for me to give back to an industry I'm so passionate about. It's a chance to share my experience and my belief in the power of partnerships.

I hope to contribute to a future where the RSPA is the go-to resource for all things point-of-sale and a community that fosters innovation, collaboration, and growth."

Rising Stars Podcast with host Kate Orara

With an unquenchable passion for the POS industry, Kate Orara is reigniting the newly enhanced Rising Stars Podcast, a platform she sees as a conduit for knowledge-sharing and industry growth.

Her commitment to fostering dialogues and unveiling insights in this renewed initiative demonstrates her unwavering dedication to the continual development of the sector.

Kate Orara for the RSPA Board