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Why BLE Thermal Printers are
Ideal for DSD Applications

Direct store delivery (DSD), selling or distributing products directly to the point-of-sale (POS) or point-of-consumption (POC), is especially popular for food, drink, and other high-volume goods. 

About this E-Book

Eliminating the “middlemen” in the supply chain is most efficient, especially when products have a short shelf life or are in high demand. Manufacturers ranging from Coca-Cola® and Budweiser® to Entenmann’s® and Hallmark Cards use DSD to get products to the store and shoppers faster.

Download this e-book to discover:

  • Benefits of BLE
  • Must-have features in BLE mobile printers for DSD applications
  • Other industries that benefit the most from BLE technology
  • How to give your customers the best in BLE mobile printing technology